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From the curator:
In a fragmented modern world lacking a common language of faith or culture, how does God continue to speak to man? One answer might be the quiet yet universal recognition of beauty; sometimes drowned out by the noise of daily life, but always ready to awaken the individual from the routine to a sense of the sublime. Often it is only the experience of beauty that has the power to truly reach into the depths of the soul.

The Call of Beauty brings together works from artists who echo the call from the divine through the works of their own hands, bringing to life the splendor of holiness. Our exhibiting artists from the Pittsburgh region and beyond draw from the Beaux-Arts masters, Renaissance color and feeling, the shadow and form of the baroque, the inspiration of medieval illumination and chant, and the modern simplicity of color and line, while bringing forth work that is truly original. It is our hope that this exhibition expresses a vision of incarnational reality—and an experience of Christ, who, in the words of St. Augustine, is the eternal form of “Beauty ever ancient, ever new.”


Daniel Barbero, Curator of The Call of Beauty Exhibit

Aug 25
Sep 1
Sep 4

Coffee & Art Pop-Up Market

Sep 15

AAC Figure Drawing Night

Sep 22

The Call of Beauty Discussion Group

Oct 6

LIVE @The Port

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